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A Practical Pathway toward Overcoming Physician-Undiagnosed Pain

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Peter Winslow is a longtime Arizona life coach who leads GoldMind, LLC, and offers clients of all walks of life transformational coaching services that enable them to overcome life challenges. Peter Winslow’s work as life coach reflects his personal experience overcoming ankylosing spondylitis through the power of breaking habits, renewing motivation, and building positive life practices.

Mr. Winslow has received numerous testimonies for his work with clients, including one from Barbara Wilson, who experienced constant, severe pain centered in the right sciatic area. Despite repeated visits to physicians, she was always told that nothing appeared wrong with her. A fall that resulted in a broken femur and right hip changed the diagnosis. Unfortunately, two years of physician recommended physical therapy did not resolve the underlying pain issue. 

This demoralizing and debilitating status quo only changed when Ms. Wilson discovered Mr. Winslow’s CPR for AS Pain Program, which she described as coming to her as “a miracle.” Since taking up the program, she uses the techniques emphasized every time pain flares up and finds that discomfort is immediately relieved. Ms. Wilson has recommended the program to several friends, including one who was dealing with a leg injury that was sustained in an auto accident.


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