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Does My Opinion Determine Who I Really Am?

· Peter Winslow,mental health,Health and Wellness

I’m Peter Winslow, a life coach in private practice. Throughout my career many clients have asked me some version of the same question: Do my thoughts make me who I am

There are people who believe that thoughts originate within the brain, and that the gist of their thoughts is a good measure of who they really are. On some level, that makes a lot of sens

But if it were really true, we’d be a whole lot of things we are not, including outright wing-nut plumb crazy

We’ve all entertained thoughts about ourselves that aren’t true. How many times have you made a mistake, and then told yourself you’re an idiot? So, is it true? Are you an idiot

Think about this: at times there are so many thoughts racing through our minds that it can sound like a jail cell full of people all screaming at each other. Our inner voices often contradict themselves as they constantly argue amongst each other.

The 64 dollar question is - which of the voices in your head speaks for the real you? Is it the inner critic? The inner nurturer? The inner child? Find the answer and you’ve made a giant leap in awareness

But—it’s really a trick question, because the real answer is: none of the voices in your head speak for the real you. So if none of the voices in your head speak for the real you… just who is the real you.

Hold onto your hat. The real you is… the silent one who HEARS the voices

Have you ever heard the expression, “Don’t argue with yourself?” Think about that. How could anyone truly argue with themselves? This suggests that there is more than one of you. Just how many of YOU are there?

Of course there’s only one—but you have many voices chattering in your head at any given time. This fact of life doesn’t mean you’re schizo or nutty; it’s just the natural state of humanity. Now forget about trying to beat your naysaying inner voices into submission, because it just doesn’t work

So, how do we control our thoughts, and then use them to accomplish more than we ever have before? As a life coach I've taught it many times, so stay tuned for the answer

-Peter Winslow


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