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Eleventy-one Times Two

· Peter Winslow

I’m life coach and observer of the cosmos, Peter Winslow. As seasons change and the sun sets further southward, I naturally think of revolution. Why?

Because the Earth rotates on its axis and revolves round the sun, we experience the variety of seasons. Further, observing the natural revolutions of our celestial home we witness a subtle example of a powerful hermetic law which loosely translated, states: What goes around, comes around.

Years ago I heard tell that November 11th 2011 provided a rare, once-in-a-lifetime window of opportunity to reboot our lives and rekindle a positive and powerful revolution. Think about that date: 11.11.11—eleventy-one, times two.

Around the world on that day a cosmic shift was anticipated and in various places and spaces, people sat in silence, alone or together, praying for peace and envisioning a future free from fear and conflict.

As always, the seeds we sow into fertile consciousness grow steadily and surely, and we decide what sprouts tomorrow with every choice we make today. I believe it matters not what the calendar says; the proof is in understanding and applying one’s true power.

What is “true power” and where do we find it? Many masters say we make contact through what is called “inner body awareness.” No matter what your body appears to be, sages say that within the body of living beings is an intensely alive energy field, a life force, your true power.

What is called the “inner body” isn’t really the body anymore, but life energy––the bridge between form and infinite formlessness. This, it is said, is your own home in the universe, the seat of authentic power and font of conscious awareness.

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