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Falling in Love with Your Life: The Formula for Learning Fulfillment

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Transformative life coach Peter Winslow has spent more than 15 years providing guidance to people on a wide range of life subjects by drawing from personal experience and formal schooling. A mentor for dealing with physical and mental health issues, Peter Winslow has authored four books on healing and self-empowerment. His works include Falling in Love with Your Life: The Formula for Learning Fulfillment.

Falling in Love with Your Life provides readers with a step-by-step approach for living a fuller life by improving their health and pursuing inner peace. The book’s contents cover the Formula, a master sequence that enables readers to make immediate and dynamic transitions, while reinventing their individual circumstances toward a path of their own choosing. Readers will obtain the necessary information to re-energize their lives and discover how to reach their desires by tuning into their deepest selves.
The Formula is based on logical principles and helps readers uncover their true inner purpose. It also identifies methods for relieving fear, anxiety, and depression, and following a path of least resistance to their desires.

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