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Heal For Real Offers Inspiration and Guidance

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

An accomplished life coach, Peter Winslow spent years dealing with the crippling effects of ankylosing spondylosis. Although doctors told Mr. Winslow the condition was incurable, he refused to give up. Life coach Peter Winslow has written about his remarkable journey in the book, Heal For Real.

Like many young people, Mr. Winslow lived life on the edge until a serious accident ruptured several of the discs in his back. Over the next several years, he struggled physically, psychologically, and financially, bouncing from job to job as he struggled with pain, depression, and substance abuse.
Things got even worse when Mr. Winslow was diagnosed with ankylosing spondylosis, a devastating form of arthritis with crippling effects. Though many people would have given up in the face of such trauma, the author persisted.
After nearly a decade of suffering, Mr. Winslow decided to change his life. The book Heal For Real describes his journey, outlining the steps he took to turn his life around and emerge from the cycle of negative thinking and substance abuse to find meaning and well-being in his life. To learn more about Heal For Real, visit the author’s website,

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