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I’m personal coach and life celebrator Peter Winslow. When last I wrote to you, carpe diem was the mantra—for it’s the present moment in which we seize the opportunity to realign and redefine ourselves and our purpose.

Present your attention now, to the future. Witness as you perpetually long for love and prosperity in the coming days of wine and roses. Commercial, platonic, romantic—with partners’ familiar or thrilling new prospects—the call to merge is driven by a primordial essence which births all creation.

You may know that psychologists have coined a term for what we feel when infatuated with romantic desire, heightened by the thrill of uncertainty. They call it “limerence.”

Limerence is the feeling of being in love, coupled with the question of whether the object of your desire, desires you. Do they… or don’t they? You’re flush with the fire and fantasy of thoughts and images that drive to distraction; positively sublime, chemically addictive. Do they feel it too?

Limerence can be interpolated to reflect what some feel when worshipping the Creator, the Godhead, Divine Providence, and that which inspires in them an overpowering drive to be a part of something bigger and deeper than themselves, in effect eclipsing the small self through oneness with source.

Appropriate then, that we consider our relationships meaningfully and observe why we crave them, how we use them, what we’ll risk for them, and more. Then the intrepid among you will take aim at the most pivotal of all relationships, the one you make with yourself.

– Peter Winslow

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