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Mini Music Makers at the Musical Instrument Museum

Peter Winslow

For nearly a decade, Peter Winslow has helped clients transform their lives and improve their mental and physical health through his work as a life coach at GoldMind, LLC. A resident of Scottsdale, Arizona, life coach Peter Winslow enjoys visiting local museums, such as the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) during his free time.

Founded in 2010, MIM has quickly earned a reputation as the leading musical instrument museum in the United States and one of the most popular museums of any kind in the region. The museum boasts a collection of nearly 7,000 instruments gathered from across the globe, as well as the personal instruments of musical greats, such as Johnny Cash and John Lennon. In addition to its award-winning collection, MIM operates community-outreach programs including the Mini Music Makers.
Designed for children ages 0 to 5, Mini Music Makers introduces young people to the wonders of music, movement, and sound through carefully designed programs that explore global musical cultures and provide opportunities to play a range of musical instruments. Each Mini Music Maker session lasts four weeks and includes exercises and activities designed to expand motor and pre-language skills, in addition to learning musical elements.
Classes cost $12 each with discounts available for bulk purchases. To learn more, please visit

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