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Part Two - Do My Thoughts Indicate Who I Am?

I’m life coach Peter Winslow. In the previous post we tackled an age-old question: do my thoughts indicate who I am?

Thoughts are a lot like voices in the head, and I said that none of the voices in your head speak for the real you. So who is the real you? The silent one who HEARS the voices in your head.

I also said to stop trying to wrestle your voices into submission, because it won’t work. Yet we can learn to use our thoughts to our great advantage. How?

The answer lies in deciding which thoughts to believe.

It works this way: if you were in a crowded room with lots of people shouting at you, you would have to decide which of the voices to pay attention to.

It's the same with the voices in your head. Your job is this: listen ONLY to the voices that empower you. Allow the others to pass without analyzing them, judging them, or feeling anything about them whatsoever. Just watch the troubling thoughts float by without responding or engaging them, and learn to let them pass.

Some people ask me if this is just denial. They say that some of the terrifying thoughts they have are good for them because they help keep them on track.

Bull! Being terrorized by any thought is consciously inferior, ludicrous and even dangerous. Your job is to TRUST the thoughts that support you, and give them your full attention. Stop giving attention and

credence to the rest. Soon the voices that bully you with guilt and fear will begin to fade away.

This is because whichever thoughts you focus and act upon return to you again and again. They become stronger and louder as you feed them with your attention. All successful people know this.

So the ability to question one’s thoughts, and believe only the empowering ones, is an example of true wisdom. How good are you at it?

-Peter Winslow


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