I’m success catalyst and life coach Peter Winslow. It seems that lately, most everyone I've spoken with has said that the signs and symbols that surround them seem to point in a particular direction. For instance, many of us find that the thoughts and dreams we have often interchange with the songs and stories we hear in the media. With mild surprise and amazement we stop to contemplate the synchronicity... was there a message in it for me?

Sometimes these "messages" don’t add up in the logical mind, but deep inside, they just feel right. It happens frequently when we spend a good lot of our time developing inner authenticity and regularly resting in the space whence intuition springs into consciousness, luxuriating at the level of personal receivership without attachment to outcome.

When we make the decision to pursue the inner urging, it sets in motion the means for the requisite exterior elements to come into play. Ours is not to question why; we've surrendered the ego which says success occurs strictly by our own hand. We know that as microcosms of macro-mind, our mission is to decide what we want, meditate on it, and release it to a higher power.

Then, like the surging cascade of an effortless waterfall, an inner voice impels us to action. Our positive motion attracts like-minded individuals, many of whom share our vision, assist us with information and support, and provide the necessary elements to scale the pinnacle and celebrate the fruition of our dreams and aspirations.

Wherever your visions and dreams are pointing you today, take a step in that direction. Share your intention with trusted allies and gratefully observe that the many support and honor you, the one.

–Peter Winslow

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