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The Law of Emergence - Manifesting What Is Already Within

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

The author of Heal For Real, Peter Winslow’s methodology as a life coach reflects his own experiences with overcoming issues related to addiction, ankylosing spondylitis, and depression. In his work as a life coach, Peter Winslow is committed to dynamic healing and health, with a focus on concepts such as the Law of Emergence.

Pioneered by supercoach Derek Rydall, this axiom states that a single-minded focus on “self-improvement” as a means of transforming oneself only serves to delay reaching the sought-after state of fulfillment. Indeed, it can lead to a hopeless sense of being more “broken” than one actually is.
The better approach is to examine one’s original perfection and the whole, complete sense of Self with which we are all born. While skills and abilities, as well as life circumstances, can improve, the fundamental Self already contains perfection. An easy way of visualizing this is the acorn in the woods, which already contains the oak tree within it.
Instead of striving to improve oneself, which brings with it a sense of inadequacy and the implication that there is a “problem to solve,” the better route is to look within for existing happiness. Rather than allowing external definers to determine value, create an internal environment through which already held values can manifest themselves and allow a sense of abundance and deep satisfaction to flourish.

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