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Using Yoga to Alleviate Anxiety

Peter Winslow, Life Coach

Offering life coach service since 2010, Peter Winslow assists his clients in making positive changes within their lives through his coaching service at GoldMind. When he is not fulfilling life coach obligations, Peter Winslow creates yoga Modified Primary Series (MPS). These adapted routines are useful for individuals who can benefit from yoga but need to start off slow or practice in a modified way due to injury.

Yoga can many health benefits for individuals of all ages and physical abilities. The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health has funded studies examining how yoga is helpful for a variety of different conditions, including sleep disturbances, nicotine addiction, depression, and anxiety attacks.

Useful yoga poses to help those suffering from anxiety include Child’s Pose. Often utilized to rest and regroup in between more demanding poses, Child’s Pose can help relieve tension in the shoulders and back while promoting conscious breathing and overall relaxation. Another commonly used position beneficial for anxiety is Tree, which involves standing on one leg with hands in a prayer position. This pose encourages concentration and focus to stay balanced, which can be useful in bringing anxiety levels down.


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