I’m life coach Peter Winslow. I’m certain you've heard of the remarkable Power of Now… and you’ve never heard it like this before.

It’s one thing to believe that in theory, we can become fully “present” with life. Yet it's a whole different thing to know just how.

In this post I’ll give you a powerful and practical way to create better health, more wealth and authentic happiness right here and now regardless of conditions in your world.

First things first. Based on what you've just read, do you anticipate something good is about to happen?
Take a deep breath… and realize that anticipation of a good thing happening “in the future” only removes you from the only place where that good can actually emerge: the present moment.

All your good is right here, right now. It will never come in the future. To really feel it, drink it in and live it, you must participate in it now.

All you could ever want—all the love, wealth, joy, fulfillment, creativity and inspiration—is already in you, and reflected all around you. You are literally floating in an ocean of well-being and abundance, and any effort to "make it happen" unnecessarily delays the experience.

Forget anticipating, and begin participating.

How? Observe the voice in your head and it’s thoughts about you. Practice moving into in a state of being which is unattached from those thoughts and feelings. That state of being can be called the True Self.

This is “the Secret” for being health, wealth and wellness. Love is no longer something you do, it’s what you are. Wealth isn’t something you get, it’s what you are. No thought is needed for this; the state is what you are.

Rather than seek for what you want, make the space for it to emerge from within you. By natural law, it will oblige.

– Peter Winslow

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